Rapid Deployment Shelters: Our shelter design greatly reduces time and personnel needed to deploy.

Our inflatable shelters are designed to simplify the deployment of your facility.

  • Your shelter can be operational in less than 30 minutes.
  • Requires fewer personnel to set up than any other structure

Versatile: Match your requirement with the CEMG modular system.

  • Configurations Include: Medical Surge, Mobile Hospital,
    Emergency Rescue, 2-3 Lane Decon Systems, Drive-Through PoD,
    Pandemic. Disaster Shelter, Firefighter Rehab, Command Center, Bunkhouse, Rescue Extraction…
  • Durable Construction: heavy duty 1100 Dtex polyester shell
  • HVAC systems available
  • LED Interior Lighting available
  • Interior Kit option includes privacy dividers for bed spaces
  • Multiple shelters can be connected with weathertight seals
  • Can provide positive or negative pressure atmospheres with anteroom
  • Mobile: Complete Packages in Emergency Trailer are available
  • Come complete with accessories and repair kit

Download CEMG Product Sheet with available sizes and accessories

Essential Information for Grants:
AEL (Authorized Equipment List) numbers

AEL numbers must be included when applying for certain grants, including those in the Homeland Security Grant Program.
If your application is, for example, category [19] CBRNE Logistical Support Equipment, the following AEL numbers would be used. Please contact ProPac for more information.

  • Shelters: 19SS-00-SHEL
  • HVAC unit: 19SS-00-SHEN
  • Shelters if used with negative or positive pressure: 19SS-00-SHEP

inflatable shelters, Inflatable Firefighter Rehab Trailer, Propac Disaster Supplies

CEMG Inflatable Firefighter Rehab Shelter

  • HVAC ready
  • Built-in LED lighting system available
  • Extra large door for access wearing full gear

inflatable shelters, propac disaster supplies, trailer packages

ProPac Inflatable Shelter – Trailer Packages

Emergency Trailer Packages with CEMG inflatable portable shelters and supplies on board are available for any shelter configuration, including MCI, Medical Surge, Firefighter Rehab, Shelter Support, Point of Distribution and Decon.

Call a ProPac shelter specialist at 1-800-345-3036 for additional information and quotes on our rapid deployment shelters.

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