CEMG Inflatable Shelter 3 Lane Decontamination

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CEMG Inflatable Shelter Tent: 3 Lane Decontamination


CEMG Inflatable Shelter: 3 Lane Decontamination Details

  • Includes 2 ambulatory lanes and 1 non-ambulatory
  • Curtains divide lanes and stations
  • Plumbing kit included (Also available without plumbing kit)
  • Detachable water berms form 3 collection pools
  • Openings are provided to pass through clothing
  • Deploy with minimal support staff–powerful blower inflates structure in minutes
  • LED tape light system is available
  • Can be easily stored and transported in a trailer for added mobility

Practical Design, Durable Construction

  • Deploy inflatable decontamination tent with minimal support staff
  • Designed and tested to withstand 60 mph winds
  • RF Welded seams in support tubes for superior strength– No glues used
  • Heavy duty 1100 Dtex polyester shell coated with plastomer on both sides
  • Resistant to fire, UV, chemicals and mildew
  • Powerful blower inflates structure in under 3 to 6minutes depending on size.
  • HVAC ready with built in plenum
  • Attachment rings for lighting and Oxygen lines throughout
  • Modular Design: Several structures can be quickly interconnected utilizing the ANTEROOM.
  • Sealable doors provide ample width for passage of a standard rolling stretcher.
  • Ground floor attached to sidewalls to minimize trip hazard.
  • Floor is DIY replaceable without special tools.
  • Windows with roll-up covers provide ventilation and rain protection with clear see-thru vinyl and screened layers.
  • Extremely stable, withstands winds up to 60 mph when tethered 4 Heavy duty bungee spring tie-down points at each corner.  Additional stake points available for additional stability.
  • Fully integrated fly cover is reflective metallic silver to help moderate heat.
  • Contain fittings for both electric inflator/deflator and SCBA bottle
  • Repair kit is included. GLUE NOT INCLUDED

Accessories Included

  • Electric blower to inflate/deflate
  • Whip compatible with SCBA bottle
  • Tiedowns featuring elastic stress relief
  • Assembly and repair tool kit, spare valves
  • Heavy duty steel tent pegs
  • Air Guard System

Accessories Available

  • Permanent LED tape lighting system


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