CEMG Single Person Decon System

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CEMG Triage Shelter deploys rapidly with minimal staff and is capable of providing either positive or negative pressure atmospheres.


CEMG Single Person Decon System employs Inflatable Structure

The CEMG Single Person Decon System inflatable decon tent uses 9-3.5 gpm spray nozzles for complete wash-down decontamination.

Complete system includes:

  • Inflatable structure (7 ft. x 7 ft.) with installed plumbing
  • Replaceable liner
  • Removable 5 ft. pool can be used inside or outside of shelter in lieu of complete shower.
  • Sump pump for removal of liquid from unit
  • Elevation grid
  • Electric blower to inflate/deflate
  • SCBA whip
  • Stake down/patch kit included in tool box

Rapid Deployment, Durable Construction

  • Floor has integral berm for liquid retention
  • Powerful blower inflates structure in about 2 minutes
  • Deploy with only 1 to 3 people
  • Vulcanized seams in support tubes for superior strength – No glues used
  • Heavy duty 1100 Dtex polyester shell
  • Resistant to fire, UV, chemicals and mildew
  • Stable: Withstands winds up to 60 mph when tethered
  • Heavy duty bungee spring tie-down points at each corner

Many Other Configurations Available

  • Decon systems, 2-3 lane
  • Medical surge support
  • Mobile hospital/triage
  • Emergency rescue
  • Drive-through point of distribution
  • Pandemic support
  • Temporary disaster shelter, EOC
  • Firefighter rehab



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