T-Shirt, Neon, CERT Lettering


Neon t-shirt with CERT Lettering on the back and the CERT logo on the front makes this a great shirt for identifying yourself in an emergency situation. Not only will you be easily seen in the day or night, it allows others to call on you for assistance. A heavy duty shirt that will be your go-to when working in the field or in an actual disaster.

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T-Shirt, Neon, CERT Lettering

T-Shirt, Neon, CERT Lettering – Clearly state who you are with and how you can help in this brightly colored neon t-shirt with the CERT logo on the front and CERT lettering on the back. Large CERT lettering on the back and smaller CERT logo on the front will alert those around you of your capabilities to assist in the emergency situation.

  • Brightly colored to stand out in the daytime or nighttime
  • Large letters that can be seen from afar
  • Heavy-duty cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Sizes S-3XL






AEL Part Number: 21GN-00-CCEQ


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