New Dimensional Shipping Rates

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New UPS and FedEx shipping rates account for package volume and weight.

Citing increased fuel costs, lost volumetric space, and lost revenue, UPS and FedEx have switched billing models and now use “Dimensional Weight” to calculate billable shipping for all packages. I’ll share a recent example to demonstrate the recent changes. In some cases, the differences are on the order of 250% or more, not the 4.7% they claim.

Before the rates went into effect, we shipped 2 boxes to a hospital in California that weighed 19.8 lb for $22.75. Now that the new UPS / FedEx rates are in place, the new charge is $52.37. Why the large increase? Because the kits ordered are not necessarily “heavy” but “bulky” and take up more volume. Shipping a box of regular pillows brought the charge to more than $100 per case to the same location. Both charges raised flags on our end and our reps were called to verify they were correct. Unfortunately they were, and were told there was nothing they could do….we disagree.

We will still make every effort to minimize packing volumes but some products will see increased charges. More shipments will most likely come from USPS solutions. More shipments will come from Less-Than-Truckloads options (via pallet). More shipments may be broken up into smaller boxes. Other carriers may be used.

Please Call Us if You Have a Question about a Shipping Charge.

If you ever have a question with an online shipping charge, please feel free to give us a call. We’ll be glad to take a look and pass along any savings we can find. Thank you for all that you do and your support over the years.

UPS Dimensional Weight

UPS Dimensional Weight Measurement

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