Atlantic Hurricane Season is Starting to Heat Up (Literally)

Monday August 29, 2022

So far this hurricane season has been the calmest in awhile. This is the first time since 1997 that we have gone through all of August without a named storm. It has been surprising for many as an “above normal” season was previously forecasted. This may be about to change though as September is the hottest month for the Atlantic meaning a higher chance of storms forming. There are currently 2 disturbances In the Atlantic, one with a 60% chance of forming a cyclone and another with a 40% chance of forming. These are still early forecasts and are subject to change over the course of the next 5 days.



If a storm forms, the next name on the list is “Danielle”. A disturbance is officially named when the speed of sustained winds reaches 39 mph and it becomes a hurricane when winds reach 74 mph.


Even though there has been a lull in activity recently, experts warn to not overlook disturbances and be ready for any situation. In an interview with MSN, meteorologist Dan Pydynowski stated:

“You don’t want people to let their guard down. Just because we haven’t had any storms yet doesn’t mean we won’t ­– And it’s not necessarily the number of storms that counts. It’s, does the storm hit the U.S., and if it does, what is the intensity when it does so?’’


Get Prepared

While we’ve done tons of pieces on Hurricane Preparedness items in the past, this one will be a little different. We’re going to break down our top 5 kits that are best suited for hurricanes specifically. To see individual preparedness items, read our In-Depth Hurricane Preparedness Checklist here.

5. Grab & Go Family Emergency Kit

The Grab & Go Family Emergency Kit is a versatile kit, full of safety and survival items, packed in our 5.3 gallon bucket. This kit includes many important items like AM/FM radio, flashlights, mylar blankets, waterproof matches, ponchos, hygiene items and much more.


4. ProPac Disaster Bucket Kit

The Disaster Bucket Kit is a great kit for hurricane preparedness, as it contains helpful sub-kits, toiletries, tools, medical supplies and more for a natural disaster event. This kit is designed to support up to 4 people and is all packed into a 5.3 gallon bucket that can also be used for many purposes in an emergency.

3. ProPac Flood Clean-Up Kit

The Flood Clean-Up Kit contains items that can aid in the effort following a major hurricane or flooding. This kit includes cleaning supplies, sponges, mop and broom heads, N95 mask, protective gloves and more. Our Clean-Up kit is an industry-tested kit that holds up in rough conditions.

2. Family Disaster Starter Kit

The Family Starter Kit is a great kit that goes above and beyond the disaster bucket kit. It includes many similar items like ponchos, gloves, and other tools, but it also includes an advanced first aid kit, multiples of most included items and adds emergency food and water items. This kit includes 24 food bars that provide 2400 calories each and 32 water packets with a 5 year shelf life.


1. Emergency Go-Bag Kit

Our most extensive kit to-date, the ProPac Emergency Go-Bag kit, has everything needed to bug-out at a moment’s notice. This kit contains items for shelter, warmth, sustenance, survival, first-aid, and more. This kit was designed for those who need a well-rounded emergency bag, packed full of our best products. All items fit neatly in our brand-new Tactical Duffle Bag with room for additions. The Tactical Duffle is a Heavy-Duty Style bag with durable buckles, straps, and carry handle. Use as a military duffle bag with the top or side handles or reveal the hidden shoulder straps to carry on your back.