is your source for emergency food and water supplies and water filtration products.

ProPac disaster survival items include Meals Ready to Eat (MRE), Heater Meals, emergency drinking water and products for water filtration and purification and other emergency food and water products.

Introducing LifeStraw® Water Filtration products

LifeStraw water filters convert contaminated water into clean, safe drinking water. The lightweight, personal size Lifestraw is ideal for a variety of users outside of the home, from people displaced by natural disasters to hikers and campers. The high-volume LifeStraw Family water purifier is ideal to include in emergency preparedness kits. The technology is also available in the LifeStraw Go bottle, ideal for responders, hikers, travelers, outdoor enthusiasts and everyday use. Manufacturer Vestergaard is proud to have been recognized by esteemed organizations for our products and approaches that improve global health. One school child in Africa will be provided with clean water for an entire school year each purchase of any life-saving LifeStraw product.

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