ProPac’s first aid emergency kits and supplies run the gamut from band aids to mass casualty “Stop The Bleed” kits capable of caring for many people during disasters medical incidents.  Be it a knee scrape from a bicycle accident in the driveway or the life-saving tools to assist victims of an active shooter situation, ProPac has kits and supplies for home medical care and mass casualty accidents to equip first responders in the field.

Many of ProPac’s first aid items are designed for Public Safety personnel including police, fire and public health organizations.  No squad car, ambulance or fire truck should be void of this life-saving equipment.  Specialty first aid items include IFAK Tactical Bags, Patrol Vehicle Trauma Kits, Public Access Bleeding Control Kits and the Mass Casualty Trauma Kit designed especially for active shooter incidents or other mass casualty situations.

Additional ProPac first aid kits and supplies come in convenient stand-up pouch and tube kits designed for ease of use during emergency situations.  Carry them in your suitcase, purse, glove compartment or backpack.  Order bulk quantities to supply your company, emergency shelter or to outfit a scout troop or classroom field trip.  You can also customize the kit label with your organization’s logo.

Vital first aid care kits can be customized with your agency’s insignia or company logo.  “Know us before you need us,” and contact a ProPac Customer Representative now to discuss your needs.

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