From light sticks to lanterns, beacons to batteries or traffic wands to towers, ProPac has emergency lighting for any emergency need… Traffic checkpoint, crime scene, accident/injury scene, large group gatherings or to search in the smallest of places your needs are met.  ProPac’s emergency portable light products are ideal during power outages at home, school or work.

Whether it’s large area lighting to illuminate for many people or flashlights with powerful beams to explore the smallest of spaces, ProPac provides emergency flashlights for and array of needs and situations.  Many portable emergency lighting options are available for…

  • Emergency Responder Tools
  • Emergency Shelters and Sites
  • Public Safety Checkpoints
  • Road Maintenance
  • Large Gatherings
  • Outdoor or Indoor Use

Whenever you get caught in the dark, be prepared and “Know us before you need us!”

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