AquaDrum Water Filtration System


Clean Your Water

AquaDrum Emergency Water Filtration System Removes Bacteria, Virus and Giardia Micro Organisms From Up To 250 Gallons

Provides One Gallon of Purified Water in Less Than Three Minutes

Transform your old stored water into safe, clean drinking water.

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The AquaDrum™ Water Filtration System is a fast, easy way to get clean, purified drinking water out of your 55-gallon drum; no matter how long the water has been in there.

Garages and basements across America are equipped with 55-gallon drums full of emergency water. However, the problem for many is, “How are you going to get the water out when you need it?” Easily purify and pump water from your 55-gallon drum, providing safe, clean drinking water for your family – NO NEED TO EVER CHANGE THE WATER IN YOUR DRUM AGAIN. Each water filtration system includes one filter which purifies 250 gallons of water – that’s four and a half 55-gallon drums. Water flows fast providing one (1) gallon of purified water in less than three (3) minutes.

EASY TO ATTACH – Hand pump pressurizes drum, causing water to flow through the filter and out the spigot. Also works with electric pump, foot or bike pump. Works on 55, 30 and 15-gallon water drum.

HOW IT WORKS – The AquaDrum™ water filter system is a pressurized system. Simply use the hand pump and add air pressure to the drum. You can also use other pumps such as an electric pump, foot pump or a bike pump. The pressure then forces the water through the filter, up the tubing and out the spigot. The spigot has an easy open/close valve. Now you easily have plenty of safe, clean drinking water.

Ideal for…

  • Storm and Flood Disasters
  • Emergency Humanitarian Aid Shelters
  • Home Garage or Basement
  • Construction Sites


  • Filters and purifies up to 250 gallons of water (that’s 4.5 55 gallon drums)
  • Removes 99.9999% bacteria, 99.99% virus, 99.99% giardia and crytosporidium
  • Flow Rate – 1 gallon every 3 minutes
  • Filter can be dried out for storage and used again
  • Fits all 55, 30 and 15 gallon water storage drums
  • Makes the purified water taste better
  • Aquaveritas tested and certified, visit for test results