Radio, All Hazards Alert-Weather


Get instant local weather alerts as well as 13 additional hazard warnings with this Midland all-hazard radio.

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This versatile little Midland all-hazards weather radio offers an instant local weather button, built-in telescoping antenna that receives NWS broadcasts from up to 50 miles away, Color coded alert lights, an alarm clock with snooze, and a battery backup system requires, that only reqires 3 AA-cells (not incl.)

In addition to weather, get these announcements:

  • Child abduction emergency (amber alert)
  • Immediate Evacuation
  • Hazardous material warning
  • Local area emergency
  • Biological hazard warning
  • Civil emergency message
  • Contagious disease warning
  • Emergency action notification
  • Civil danger warning
  • Food contamination warning
  • Industrial fire warning
  • Power plant warning
  • Special marine warning


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