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SKU: D3710

CAPSULS™ Patient Isolation Unit (PIU)

The CAPSULS™ (Containment and Protection System Utilizing Life Support) is a portable and economical Patient Isolation Unit (PIU). This isolation capsule comprises a flexible envelope that may be either positively or negatively pressurized. Under positive pressure operation it isolates and protects a patient during transport, thereby mitigating the risk of exposing the patient to external contaminants and infectious agents. Under negative pressure operation it contains and isolates an infected patient, thereby minimizing the risk of cross-infecting the external population during transport. The PIU isolation medical kit provides filtered and directional airflow for patient life support and has features that enable medical intervention to the patient via end-user supplied medical equipment. Primary uses of the PIU are:

  1. Isolated transport of patients on aircraft, ambulances, ships, and any vehicle capable of safely transporting a patient on a standard litter (not included)
  2. Temporary isolation of patients within hospitals or other medical facilities.

CAPSULS™ is a Regulatory Class II single-use medical device. It has been cleared by the FDA for marketing in the U.S. (510(k) K052798). CAPSULSTM is covered under U. S. and European patents.

Litters sold separately.

More info on CAPSULS Patient Isolation Unit HERE

For more information, contact a ProPac representative by calling, 800-345-3036

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