How to Build an Emergency Kit

Tuesday September 26, 2023

September is National Preparedness Month, an ideal occasion to discuss the creation of an emergency survival kit. While we previously explored assembling a roadside emergency kit in one of our blogs, in this article we will discuss crafting an emergency kit tailored for home use. Ensuring you have separate kits for your car and home is fundamental for disaster preparedness. We'll guide you through packing your home kit and recommend top items available in our online store.

When preparing a kit, items should be prioritized based on needs. The first list of items are the absolute basics that everyone should have, the second list includes optional items that may be useful but aren’t necessary.

Necessary Items

  1. Long Shelf-Life Water: 1 gallon per person per day
  2. Non-Perishable Food: easy to prepare and long shelf-life
  3. Flashlight
  4. Extra Batteries
  5. Weather Alert Radio (Hand Crank if possible)
  6. Family Sized First Aid Kit
  7. Medications and Medical Items (1-week supply)
  8. Multi-Purpose Tool
  9. Hygiene & Cleaning Items
  10. Copies of Personal Documents (Medical Information, proof of address, deed to home, passports, birth certificates, insurance policies, etc…)
  11. Phone Charger
  12. Family Contact Information
  13. Extra Cash
  14. Emergency Blanket
  15. Physical Maps
  16. Durable Bag or container (to hold all of your items)

 Optional/Additional Items

Other items may be necessary based on your specific situation, know if you live on a fault line or if your area is prone to wildfires or other natural disasters. You should also know how to prepare your home itself, read more about that here. Remember to periodically check and update your emergency kit, ensuring that food, water, and medications are not expired. Store your emergency kit in an easily accessible location, and make sure all family members know where to find it.

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